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10 tips to study and work abroad – freejobalert

Studying and working at the same time can be a great challenge for many and even more if you do it abroad. For that reason, we are going to give you ten tips so you can get the most out of your adventure:

How to find work abroad: it is always a good idea to start an internship or find a temporary job while you study, to be able to pay your expenses. And it is still more necessary if you are in another country. In this way you will integrate better into a new culture and you will have the opportunity to meet new people. If you are considering this option, freejobalert can be a good way to get a job worldwide. In addition to offering internships, temporary jobs, jobs for students, etc.

Do not be overwhelmed: living in a new country can be hard the first few days because you do not know how things work and because of the language. That’s why we recommend that you always go a few days before starting work and classes, so you can calmly discover which bus or train you should use, which supermarket is better, etc.>> Jobs in AUSTRALIA – Jobs in all Sectors – Apply Online Now

You are not alone: ​​it is normal that the first days you have a feeling of loneliness, but soon it will end. Although it seems a lie, you will meet many people and you will always have a plan to do.

Never say NO: this may be one of the best tips. Although sometimes you will be tired and the only thing that you are going to want is to lie on the sofa to watch a movie, never reject the plans that you propose. Most likely you are in that city for a limited time, so make the most of your stay there.

Try to adapt: when you go to live in another country you will see that their customs can be very different from ours. The more you adapt to their habits, the more you can improve your stay there, especially if you study and work at the same time. For example, the time of lunch and dinner is very different in Spain to the rest of Europe. Try to change these habits because the most likely is that the center where you study and your co-workers follow that schedule.

Keep your hobbies: do not stop doing what you like most just because you are in a different city. Doing what you like most will make you meet new people and that you are interested in the same thing

Dare: do not be afraid to try new things, such as food. Many of us find it difficult to change because we always end up eating the same thing. Leave your comfort zone and try the most typical of the country where you are.

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Have confidence in yourself: you can do what you propose!

Eat healthy: it is true that when you no longer live in your parents’ house you are always tempted to buy everything you like in the supermarket (and it is not usually the healthiest). But you also have to take care of yourself, so try to maintain a balanced diet to have all the energy you need.

Do not lose control: be responsible. Sometimes, when you have all the freedom you want, you can lose control a little. But remember your goals and purposes to refocus. Only in this way can you fulfill your objectives.

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