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10 things your boss loves to hear


10 things your boss loves to hear
If you have a boss, sure you’re looking for ways to impress . Your boss has a direct influence on your work life. More than anyone else. Only you can influence him to achieve more progress in your career. So, how to please your boss? Let’s see 10 ways to keep your boss happy throughout the work week.

1) “it is already arranged”

When you finish a task, however small just tell your boss . You’ll feel good for sure that a pending task has already been completed.
Some employees do not speak directly to their bosses and this can go on thinking that this or that task is not finished.

2) “Good News”

This is quite obvious. When something good happens tell your boss . Your boss gets a lot of bad news so you will have a good impression of you when you’re the bearer of good news. Be a source of good news for your boss is never a bad thing.

3) “No problem”

Do you think your colleagues are a bunch of whiners? You will be surprised to know that however much they complain, your boss gets even worse.
When assigning work to your peers, your boss has to listen and endure complaints about how busy you are and how difficult it will be take forward the new project.
Do not be one of those who complain . When you get a job you can do, let your boss know that is a cinch.

4) “I made a mistake, but I’m fixing”

Sooner or later, you’re going to make mistakes. This well. When this happens, I Tell your boss and what you’re doing about it .
To solve and that does not happen again. This will not make your boss happy but much less happy if you do not know until the situation explodes.
Confess error shows that you can do without problem responsible for your actions. And always prepares a plan to put things back on track.

5) “On ‘X’ theme, I discovered that we can do ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’. How about?”

There is nothing wrong with asking your boss for advice on any matter, but make sure you have some ideas about what can be done . Having some ideas, you show that you’ve been thinking about what to do, before asking.
Even if your boss does not like any of your ideas and tells you to do another in its place, you’ve shown that your first reaction when there are questions or problems is to start thinking about solutions, not “delegate” the problem in others.

6) “I realized what to do with ‘X'”

Not all problems are so simple that can be solved in a few minutes. But when the problem encysts is much better, stop thinking about the problems and try to solve it, to go moving forward.
If you find a solution or at least a step forward, share it with your boss . Show your boss that you are able to plan ahead and solve big problems, will make you promotes when the opportunity arises, improving your payroll at a time .

7) “Consider it done”

In saying that, at that time, a task that was somewhat vague in the minds of your boss, has become an assigned task , and by you. This is a step towards becoming the right hand of your boss .
One worker who trusts the most important issues of the company. Needless to say, this will have an important impact on both your job and your salary.

8) “I’ll see to it personally”

If you have a reputation with your boss someone who can manage important or difficult work, saying he will deal personally, continues to reinforce that reputation.
Do your job, realize in time and shows that’re keeping yourself tasks , putting the same care you would your boss

9) “I found a way to get it done cheaper”

You can work hard and be a good employee but companies are not NGOs .
Your boss is always looking for ways to do two things:

  1. The company makes more money.
    Reduce company costs.
    And although you can always help find ways to make the company earn more tips to save money are often easier.
  2. Your boss may say ” we need more customers ” but if you find a new provider 10% cheaper, your boss will be equally happy.

10) “I had an idea”

Having employees who are continually taking the initiative means that your boss can focus on core tasks. Not have to worry that you are sitting waiting to tell you what tasks to do, what methods improve, etc.
Your boss will appreciate that you try to come up with new ideas, but possibly not like the launch of these new ideas without having their opinion .
Responsible for what happens in the company or department, you want to know that everyone is rowing in the same direction.


Carrying out these 10 little tips, your career will improve soon. Increasing your position and responsibilities in your company. Besides seeing clear as increasing your salary.
Let us review the 10 points :

  1. Communicate your boss each task performed.
  2. Tell the good news.
  3. Do not complain when you assign a task.
  4. Acknowledge your mistakes and provides a quick solution.
  5. It brings different solutions to the same problem difficult to execute.
  6. You do not get stuck with a problem. Get moving.
  7. Get ahead of the tasks that are going to assign.
  8. Make your tasks as if you were your own boss. For the ultimate excellence.
  9. Find ways to do things more cheaply.
  10. Ten new ideas.

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