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10 things you should not say to your Boss

should not say to your-boss
should not say to your-boss

10 things you should not say to your Boss

    • “I feel very refreshed after this morning.” This should not be said in the afternoon after it was supposed to have been working hard all morning. Bosses expect us to be not exhausted refreshed by our work! They do not seem to appreciate us taking a refreshing nap during working hours!
    • “His wife called but he said he could not be bothered as they were busy with his secretary.” This definitely will not go well with your boss. Your valuable comments that you can find on the receiving end of your boss is not as sweet temperament. You may even have to endure the scene when his wife comes storming to find out what’s going on. This can lead to more annoying for you when she requires that you tell everything and refuses to believe that when you say you have no idea what you’re talking!
    • “I would like to leave early because’m bored”. Bosses do not seem to understand that our work can be boring and there are a lot of things I’d rather be doing. They think we should be grateful for our work and fully enjoy!
    • “I’m late because I knew I had nothing to do this morning.” The heads seem to think we should be busy all the time. Even they think that if we have nothing to do this means that it is possible the workplace than necessary!
  • “Is that a bald spot on the back of the head?” For some reason we do not like bosses pointing out its flaws. Especially if the boss is at that awkward age – anything from 20 to 70 years old. Personal comments are best kept to laugh with their peers around the water cooler.
  • “That client wanted to make a huge order, but was so upset that I hung in it.” Bosses often tell us to act on our own initiative, but then get angry when we do!
  • “I wish tomorrow was because our competitors have offered me a job.” Bosses do not want to see us up and make something of our lives so it is probably best if you do not mention the job interview. Wait for the day and the ring on the patient.
  • “I parked in your space because you were late.” The heads seem to think that they are the only ones who can park near the office. For some reason they do not like sharing and until they have if better trained do not bother.
  • “The sales figures are down and if you give me a raise that will try to work a little harder.” Oddly enough, the bosses do not see the logic of this. They think that if your benefits have been reduced must work harder without getting extra pay!
  • “I did not answer the phone at the weekend because I knew it was you.” Bosses can not seem to get used to the idea that the weekend is our free time and sometimes have to be trained to accept this. During training, it is advisable to keep these observations to yourself, because they can alter the boss!

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