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10 Things To Add Immediately To Your Resume

10 Things To Add Immediately To Your Resume – Most people do not like their resumes and we quickly understand why when we take a look. Resumes are often poorly designed, boring and common. If the resumes are so distressing, it is because they are written in the specific language that is only used for this type of documents and for internal memos of companies. This language, dry and formal, annihilates the specificity of your experience.

To infuse your resume with the best of your personality, you need to get rid of the company’s automated language and replace it with your own, human and distinctive voice.

Here are the ten points to add to your resume

1. The URL of your LinkedIn profile
2. A relevant description of yourself
3. Experiences related to the offer
4. The personal pronoun “I”
5. Complete sentences
6. An explanation for each change of job or position
7. The clear contact details of each employer
8. The details of each activity
9. Precisions that set you apart
10. Let the best of your personality appear

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One of the most important elements of your resume is the title you give it (if you give it one), which appears at the top of the document. Adapt this title according to each of the companies that interest you.

If there are items to add to your resume so that it is more valuable to you and finally draws attention, there are also things to take away from this valuable document. This information, often useless, does not help the recruiter to opt for you rather than for someone else.

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