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10 Negative body gestures to be avoided during job interview

10 Negative body gestures to be avoided during job interview
“I’m not sure – do not overtake” – is generally suitable for many situations. But employment such installation is strictly not necessary. Even if you are not sure, you still need to go for an interview and try to get the desired position, struggling to hide quite natural fear and excitement. Unfortunately, often, even when it does not give out your insecurities, she still despicable “crawls” out in the facial expressions and gestures.
However, all kinds of nervous movements can permanently spoil the impression of the interviewer, even about the most qualified professionals. Therefore, the applicant should be closely monitored and are always controlled, making his right hand, and that – the left.

1. Handles playful
One young man during the interview twisted a button on his shirt. It is a fascinating spectacle.I even listened with half an ear: much more than I was the question: tear off or not? Although most such “disease” occurs in women: one earring pulls, the other – a pendant on a chain. And once soi skatelnits twisted-twisted kulonchik fingers, and then placed in the mouth – probably hungry.

2. “torturers”
Many applicants nervously “tortured” a variety of items: pens, pencils, sheets of paper, their own documents … If this happens to a lot of incidents. One handle shattered to pieces, and he forgot about the conversation, rushed her to collect. Another almost its entire notebook torn to shreds.

3. Snake habit
Protruding tongue – a sign of extreme concentration and tension. Inspired by some laborious occupation is doing a lot of kids, and some adults sometimes do not control themselves. Of course, do not worry. But when a candidate by filling in the form, the language gets almost to the ear, it left a bad impression.

4. “shock”
One day I went to the interview a very decent man, claiming to be a senior management position. When we started talking, I suddenly felt a strange shiver at first even afraid: whether inside me some terrible premonition awoke, whether an earthquake begins. Then he looked closer, and this is my companion at the table leg shakes as if he a psychiatrist at the reception on the knee often hammer-knocks often. No, I think I’ll look for perhaps less nervous applicant “.

5. not be added
several times across a candidate who did not give the rest of their own nose. They scratched him, poked, or just constantly fiddling. Of course, this is no reason to deny the expert in office.But if you have a choice …

6. Gulchatay, open face
There are people who have an irritating manner – to keep the conversation at hand near the mouth. First, it distorts speech. Second, psychologists believe that this habit may indicate a propensity to lie.

7. Shilo leave the house
one man during an interview for a second he could not sit still on a chair. His response, he was accompanied by a variety of gestures: it leaned too far forward, then abruptly fell back and just fidgeted in his chair, as if he had a pain in the same place. I prefer it less mobile candidate.

8. “Manicurist”
Some people are starting to nail-biting excitement. Agree, it looks awful. One candidate for an engineering position struck me that I did, “manicure” methodically nail for a nail, so wanted to tell him to do it professionally, in the cabin. Of course, out loud, I did not say anything, just said goodbye to the unfortunate competitor.

9. Our hands are not for boredom
Some people from the excitement do not know what to do with their hands. And here begin their upper extremities to live their own lives. Someone they now and then “fly” in different directions, and one candidate is constantly scratching various parts of his body. Say, well, who needs this employee if you never know what to expect from him next time ?!

10. Not at
once had lovely lady applying for the post of secretary, which was a smart shock of red hair.And she constantly fiddled with either their hands, or shook his head, as in television advertising shampoo. I felt that this habit is unacceptable for the Secretary-General.

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