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10 big mistakes users make on LinkedIn

10 big mistakes users make on LinkedIn – Having a LinkedIn account is essential these days, but do you make the most of it? Do you have the ideal photo ? Recruiters browse hundreds of profiles looking for the right person for the job they offer but discard many who do not have their full information. It’s time for you to ask yourself if your profile can get you a job.

To give you an idea, Meghan Casserly, of Forbes, consulted LinkedIn’s Corporate Communications Manager, Krista Canfield, and other specialists to compile a list of the 10 biggest mistakes of users on this platform.


Not having a photo

LinkedIn profiles with photos are viewed seven times more than those without an image. “When there is a picture, there is some distrust” , said Joshua Waldman and Nicole Williams, author of books on the online job search.
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Have an old or an artistic photo

Having a photo is important, but having a wrong one can be a big mistake. Employers are very disappointed when they contact a candidate who has a picture of 10 years ago on their LinkedIn profile. “It’s disconcerting to meet someone in real life who looks very different from his avatar,” Waldman said.



Several users lie about their education. Do not invent courses, masters or workshops. The online world is smaller than you think and someone could give you away.


Do not update contact information

It is common for this section to remain the same as you configured it when you created your account. The error is not update it. Employers can discard you if, for example, you do not select the “Professional Opportunities” option.


Call you “account executive”

Putting such vague phrases as “account executive” or “sales agent” in the professional headline is not ideal. That space gives you 120 characters to write a striking and original one. In this case the best would be: “Dynamic sales manager and enthusiast in risk taking,” says Waldman.


Do not put your skills

Employers search for people on LinkedIn by skills or keywords. If you want to be found, you must place them on your profile.


Say you’ve worked with someone you’ve never seen

It is better to be honest. It is not correct to say that you have worked with someone just to improve your chances of being hired. In the Recommendations section, you can add some of your true Colleagues.


Ask for recommendations

The Recommendations section is a powerful tool. Do not just ask for recommendations, think about what you want them to say about you. Then comment on those ideas to the people you want to leave some text about your personality and abilities.


Think small

Williams said he met an employee of HP who asked who would connect with LinkedIn. She replied: Meg Whitman, the CEO of the company. The specialist thought that this was possible and helped the young woman to send her an invitation that she was an employee of the company and that she admired her career. Days later, the executive accepted the invitation. Lesson: provide some references when you want to connect with someone.


Show your desperation

You just lost your job and the first thing you think is to update your social networks with the news. Do not do it. Do not look desperate, this can discourage many employers.

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